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Waverley Myotherapy Clinic was originally called Holistic Health Lounge and was founded in 2008. Owner Sarah wanted her customers to feel at home and give knowledge that might help their musculoskeletal system outside the treatment room.

She teamed up with Waverley Pilates in 2012 and moved into the current clinic rooms opposite the Jordanville Train Station in Mount Waverley. It was at this time Sarah decided to change the business name to Waverley Myotherapy Clinic and later created the tree logo to remind the team of those original principles.

Waverley Myotherapy Clinic has since built a reputation on achieving exceptional results and is now one of South East Melbourne’s leading Myotherapy Clinics. All Myotherapists at WMC hold a degree qualification, are friendly and compassionate, but best of all are results driven! 

Waverley Myotherapy Practitioners will assess your pain or condition; offer treatment and movement therapy; re-assess your complaint to show you the progress made and offer take home advice relevant to you and your condition or pain.

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Musculoskeletal blogs

Sarah from Waverley Myotherapy Clinic shares her knowledge about how much exercise is good for you.

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It is well documented that chronic stress can be damaging to our bodies, affecting bodily systems such as the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and even reproductive systems. But did you know that chronic stress also impacts the musculoskeletal system negatively? The Mechanism Of Stress In Pain When stressful situations arise, the body’s response to protect against… Read More

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With the inundation of new health information we are exposed to on a daily basis, it’s easy to fall into the pattern of thinking that being a healthier version of yourself requires integration of a complex algorithm. When truly, optimum health is the result of simple rituals like moving your body daily, getting enough rest,… Read More

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Naturally increase your spine rotation! Hace you ever reached into the back of the car and thought – “I’m sure that used to be easier” or felt stiff in your usually easy yoga poses or perhaps its beyond restriction and you now have pain in your mid back area? Who ever you are, pain or… Read More

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Interested in running but not sure how to do right by your body? Here are some post running tips for muscle health. Not getting the results your after? Come in for a Myotherapy session at Waverley Myotherapy Clinic for tailored advice and muscle treatment. Myotherapists are degree qualified and can give amazing tips and stretches… Read More

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As requested by one of our customers, this neck traction exercise is a way you can achieve relief of neck pain, tightness and headaches at home. In the video below I’ve used a medium strength stretch band and a car seatbelt cover to create comfort for doing neck traction at home. You just need to… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

“…just a few visits have improved my quality of [knee] motion and my ability to continue with my [martial arts] sport. I am extremely happy that I found an alternative solution to my doctors advice. I highly recommend Sarah; my quality of life has improved by my no longer being in pain. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who has any muscular skeletal issues.”

Sarah’s experience and in-depth understanding of how to manage a body has successfully carried me through injuries and the most stubborn niggles. Sarah is now an integral part of my body maintenance program – I don’t know what I’d do without her!

…Sarah consistently improved my flexibility and reduced my discomfort, allowing me to continue exercising. I have recommended Waverley Myotherapy to co-workers and friends with significant and varied back, leg and shoulder issues who have themselves referred additional friends and family.  At the core of it, Waverley Myotherapy delivers great results with informative and great staff.

Sarah does an amazing job at fixing my various aches and pains from my past life of gymnastics! Very highly recommended
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