Gentle neck traction at home!

As requested by one of my patients, this is a way you can achieve gentle neck traction at home.

Here I’ve used a medium/high strengthens theraband and a car seatbelt cover to create comfort. You just need to find somewhere to attach it at home. Ideas could be the stair railing, the bed post, a kitchen leg. Something that’s sturdy enough you won’t risk dragging it across the room!

Give this a go if you have neck pain or tightness. You will notice in the video I tested my necks range of movement before and after (feel free to fast forward the video to the end, it’s a bit boring in the middle). I found my range of movement slightly improved in some directions after approximately 60 seconds of traction however my pain reduced at end range from about a 3/10 to 0/10. After about 30 minutes at the computer sadly the pain returned back to 3/10.

Research has shown that traction doesn’t give long term relief but if you’ve got tight muscles or a headache this will be nice for some temporary relief.

If you want a permenant solution come in and see us at Waverley Myotherapy Clinic for an appointment where we will assess what’s right for you and make a care plan specific to you! Book here

Hope this helps!

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