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Sean Persoonsseanpersoons

Sean holds a Bachelor of Health Science – Musculoskeletal Therapy (this is a Myotherapy course under a different name), a
Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science and his Certificate III & IV in Fitness. He is currently working as an educator at the Australian College of Fitness & Bodywork in a variety of courses however focusing on the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy. He also works as a performance coach with Acceleration Melbourne where he trains elite & sub-elite athletes.

Dwan RosairoIMG_5109

Dwan holds a Bachelor of Health Science – Clinical Myotherapy and hopes to study Exercise Physiology in the near future. She currently works with the Melbourne Football Club so can help out with any football related injuries but also has a personal interest in scoliosis cases after being diagnosed and going through treatment for a type of scoliosis herself as a teenager.

Jonathan EbersbergerJonathanEbersberger

Jonathan studied his Bachelor of Health Science – Clinical Myotherapy and Bachelor of Education and now lectures Myotherapy students at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. Jonathan enjoys spending quality time with family and friends and likes to travel for a bit of site seeing and r&r.

Sarah HaIMG_1336ll

Sarah enjoys cases that no one else has been able to crack and has a special interest in using exercises to gain more long term pain relief. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Health Science – Clinical Myotherapy, a Diploma of Clinical Pilates, a Certificate IV in Pilates and a Certificate IV in Fitness & Allied Health (Personal Training). She enjoys fitness based challenges and likes to keep fit and healthy.

Welcome to Waverley Myotherapy Clinic!

We are a team of Clinical Myotherapists in the Waverley area. There are currently 4 practitioners; Jonathan, Dwan, Sean and Sarah.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly group of people and enjoy making all our clients feel welcome!

We have been in the current location for over 5 years and have been in the area for over 8 years. We have developed strong ties with community health and sporting organisations so if we can’t help with your condition we are more than likely to know someone who can help (although it is a very small % of people that we can’t help!)

How should I expect to be treated as a customer?

We are a friendly bunch of people here at Waverley Myotherapy Clinic and we pride ourselves on creating a safe and fun environment. We will work with you all the way from injury to recovery by assessing, treating and rehabilitating your musculoskeletal condition or pain. Here are some of the things you can come to expect when a customer of Waverley Myotherapy Clinic.


First and foremost we want results. It’s not always possible to get rid of a pain complaint or musculoskeletal condition in one session but there is a time line of healing that is normal; so if you are outside of this window we will be wondering what’s going on as much as you are. Our protocol at that point is to refer to either a GP or specialist who can help get you back on track.

Focus on your overall Well-being

You’d be amazed how many people don’t see another health professional besides a Myotherapist and that’s only when they have pain. That’s why we advocate taking care of yourself with healthy eating, exercise, socialising and the occassional check up visit with the doctor. If you need more help in any of these fields we may be able to assist or if it’s outside our area of expertise we can point you in the right direction.

Friendly and welcoming environment

We want all of our customers to feel welcome! We have comfortable seats that keep you upright so they are good for your posture. We keep the place cool in the summer and warm in the winter, we provide filtered water to make sure you stay hydrated. As mentioned earlier we are a friendly bunch and therefore love a good chat to get to know you better but we are also good at picking up those subtle hints that a bit of peace and quite is preferred.

Strong community links 127H

We have been in the Mount Waverley area for over 7 years now and in that time we have developed some strong community links. Not only do we shop at the local grocery stores or drink coffee at the local cafes; but we know good podiatrists, exercise physiologists, osteopaths, GPs and more. We help out cricketers at the local St.Pauls Cricket Club (Gold sponsor 2017/18), we help out gymnists at the local Skylark Sports acro and gymnastics club, we help out footballers, netballers, runners, school goers, accountants, lawyers and more. There is nothing we love more than putting someone in touch with the right person. We are the type of people that go above and beyond because that’s part of what helps put the smile on our faces in the morning, nothing feels better than being able to help someone!

Further study – we love learning!

All Clinical Myotherapists are required to do a certain amount of professional development points each year to maintain their membership with the Myotherapy Association of Australia. Many see this as a bit of a drag but we see it as an opportunity to broaden our scope of knowledge! Here is what we have been studying lately.
Sarah & Dwan have been learning all about the McKenzie technique with Dwan doing some further study in America for this in November 2017! Sean & Jonathan but lecture so are constantly learning through teaching. Sean is debating whether to further his higher learning studies with something in the new year.

How we got started

Hi, I’m Sarah Hall founder of Waverley Myotherapy Clinic. I always believed that success was a straight road but looking back and having talked to other successful small business owners I now believe that the road to success is very windy and that sometimes you don’t know what brilliant plan is waiting just around the corner!

My first big decision that set me on the Waverley Myotherapy Clinic path was to follow my heart and stay in Melbourne rather than follow my head and go back to northern Victoria where my friends, my family and a pre-lined up job were all waiting for me. One of the best decisions I ever made!

I should prelude this story with saying that, although I am not a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of a person; I definitely try to follow my vibes and take the opportunities that present themselves. This is how I met my good friend Trish who introduced me to Business Network International (BNI) by phone invitation. I had never met Trish, we worked in the same building and usually I would have thought it was some kind of sales pitch and politely declined but I got a good and trusting impression from her so I agreed to go along to the next meeting. BNI helped grow my network and business skills and Trish who was a business coach helped me find my passions and build an achievable plan.

Not that I needed more inspiration but in mid-2008 I flew to London where I met with my brother who had already been travelling for a few months. We toured through London, Paris, Copenhagen and Germany. It was such an amazing trip but to make it even more special, when I came home I found a goal card I had written years earlier that said “John (my brother) and I will travel to Europe together in June 2008” Off by a month but pretty close! That strengthened my inspiration and I felt strongly that I had to follow my passion to dig my heels in and grow my business.

Soon enough I was seeing approximately 20 patients per week over 3 locations as well as travelling back to Shepparton to do treatments for family and friends once a month. Since then there have been a few minor twists in the road but they have all lead to something better. One of my favourite twists leads in to how I ended up in the Waverley area.

Paula, a client who I hadn’t seen in a while called and explained she had started a Personal Training studio in Glen Waverley. She had hired a few remedial massage therapists but they didn’t have the right attitude and weren’t working out. I was already flat out but I got another ‘vibe’ that it was the right move to make so I agreed that I would come and start with just one afternoon a week and see where it went from there. Well… within a week I was booked solid and had opened another day, within a month I was seeing more people in Glen Waverley than in my other locations! Slowly I handed over patients at my other locations to trusted colleagues as the Waverley location continued to grow.

I started to experience more back pain episodes (injury from growing up on a farm!) and started up Pilates in Surrey Hills whom a patient had recommended. In conjunction with Myotherapy treatment it alleviated my back pain and I decided to train as a Pilates instructor so I could teach it to my patients. It was this interest in Pilates that encouraged me to contact Waverley Pilates in the heat of yet another twist in the road!

Now Waverley Myotherapy Clinic and Waverley Pilates Studio run out of the same location at 1/4 Windsor Ave Mount Waverley. Waverley Myotherapy Clinic has 4 Clinical Myotherapists on staff; Jonathan, Dwan, Sean and myself. And that initial twist in the road that kept me here in Melbourne – well, we just got married! Adam has been a big part of Waverley Myotherapy Clinic succeeding – he always knows when to push me, support me or tell me to take a break! I have recently meet some amazing local business people who have continued to help Waverley Myotherapy Clinic grow and most importantly help me learn so we can continue to help people in the community get fitter, healthier musculoskeletal systems!!

Community Partners

Interested in becoming a community partner? We are always looking to expand our network of lovely locals! Drop us a line via email and we will get in touch 

white-logo Simply Stronger is an Exercise Physiology clinic run by Sara Woodroffe. The clinic is based in Malvern at the moment with expansions bringing them to the Mount Waverley area very soon, which we are very excited about! We will most likely refer you to Sara if you need specific muscular patterning reeducation or if you’re looking to get back into the gym following a serious injury or condition.