Can We Help With Your Chronic Pain?

Are you experiencing, low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, fibromyalgia, ongoing headaches or migraines, TMJ pain or an RSI type pain? Or maybe it’s a combo and you now have multiple areas that need assessment and treatment? We can help. Our booking system allows you to choose 1 area, 2 areas or 3 areas. For constant pain that has lasted for more than 6 months we recommend choosing 3 areas because we will need to do a deeper dive into your health history and potentially need more assessment time.

Chronic pain may mean something different to you than the medical lingo. That is completely okay with us here at Waverley Myotherapy Clinic. We are about treating you as a whole person, not slapping labels on your pain which research has now shown to be counter productive in reducing pain. Chronic pain can range from a persistent low back pain to syndromes such as fibromyalgia. No matter what type of chronic pain you are dealing with, our degree qualified Myotherapists can help you.

We can offer you relief of chronic pain using a step by step approach. We combine Myotherapy techniques with up to date pain science and movement therapies or in other words we will use a combination of education, treatment and gentle movements to relieve pain, stiffness and apprehension. Some of the techniques that we might use include dry needling, mobilisation techniques (not cracking), massage therapies and education on how to further help your chronic pain outside the clinic treatment room.

Our Myotherapists have continued education in areas such as the McKenzie Technique and Clinical Pilates to bring you exceptional relief of chronic pain complaints.

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A little bit more about our modalities

Myotherapists use dry needling which is like acupuncture for muscles. We can use it on your affected muscles to give significant pain relief.. Dry needling gives some of the best results for our patients.

We also use pain and injury massage. We identify the tight areas first using assessment techniques so we don’t waste time and can get right into the areas that need it most.

Myotherapy uses mobilisation techniques. In most cases we can even teach you some simple mobilisation release techniques that you can use at home.

Most importantly we want to stop your pain from returning so we will develop an individualised program including lifestyle modifications, movement therapy and education about what pain is and what it is trying to tell you.


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