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Can We Help With Your Chronic Pain?

Are you experiencing chronic pain? Whether you know what is causing your pain or not, we can help. Our booking system allows you to choose 1 area, 2 areas or 3 areas. For constant pain that has lasted for more than 6 months we recommend choosing 3 areas because we may need to do a in depth history, fill out extra forms relating to your pain and potentially need more assessment time to get to the root cause.

Want to be treated as a person and not a condition? We hear from our patients that they are sick of being told the pain is in their head or getting told a bunch of medical lingo that they can’t understand. We are about treating you as a whole person and making sure you understand what is happening. We like using visual aids and movement to explain what’s going on. Chronic pain is where the tissue damage is long gone but the pain still persists. It is a problem with the nervous system more so than the muscles, tendons or ligaments. We will test to make sure this is the case, treat to help calm the nervous system and offer advice on what to do at home to continue to help the process.

Our Myotherapists have continued education in areas such as the McKenzie Technique and Clinical Pilates to bring you exceptional relief of chronic pain complaints. If you have any other questions please get in contact with us (-:

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