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January 2018: Are you ready to join our friendly team? We are looking for an established Clinical Myotherapist.

Firstly a bit about us.

We are a team of highly skilled, friendly and empathetic Myotherapists always striving to be balanced, considerate and results orientated. We want to help people move not only out of pain or restriction but move towards achieving their musculoskeletal health goals. Our musculoskeletal care envelopes the highest quality care with up to date interventions, education and advice giving our customers confidence in their abilities to move, return to enjoyable activities and thrive as some of what they learn will positively flow into other areas of their life.

If reading that made you feel supercharged because that sounds just like you and how you like to work with people, keep reading!

A bit about you.

Balance and gratitude are important in your life. You have a positive outlook and are friendly to those you know and strangers alike. You are focused and timely, a team player and a good communicator. You always act with integrity and enjoy learning, love systems and pride yourself as being a results orientated practitioner.

You have been working in the clinic environment for several years now and therefore are comfortable with all the tasks and duties that make a clinic run well. You feel you will be able to transition into this role easily with a little bit of support from management and the team.

A bit about the role.

We are a growing company and as such a new employment opportunity has become available! You will be employed as a Clinical Myotherapist but will have opportunities beyond working in the treatment room. We want our employees to be happy so we work with you to find out where your strengths are likes lie, develop goals and help you achieve them!

We look forward to meeting you. Please apply by emailing your resume and cover letter including availability and references to waverleymyotherapyclinic@gmail.com 

All successful applicants will be contacted to organise an interview in the coming weeks.

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