Kelly enjoys using pain & injury massage, joint mobilisation and dry needling to get you moving and back doing what you love!

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Health Science – Myotherapy. Kelly also holds a certificate III & IV in fitness/personal training which she uses with her clients to rehabilitate poor movement, ultimately getting them moving safely and pain free.

Kelly Profile Pic

Having suffered osteoarthritis of the low back and knees for several years, Kelly found rehabilitative strengthening very helpful along side Myotherapy treatment to maintain mobility and live pain free. Kelly has since researched more about the best treatments for arthritis customers and has developed a strong interest in helping people with arthritis related issues in the hands, neck, back, knees and shoulders.

Kelly has 2 boys that play both club and national level baseball, so has a lot of knowledge around children’s sporting injuries & pain complaints. Her main passion around baseball has become shoulder related pain and injuries which she has researched further; So if you have a shoulder complaint, Kelly will be able to help you. She has helped many customers with shoulder complaints in our clinic.

See if Kelly has space for you this week, she works Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays.