Improve Your Potential

Our aim at Waverley Myotherapy Clinic is to help you improve your potential!

No matter what you love doing; no matter how old or young you are; Waverley Myotherapy Clinic can help improve your potential!

Here are some common scenarios…

A man in his mid thirties has knee trouble from an old running injury. He really wants to be able to lift weights at the gym, especially squats but he has been told it will probably never happen. We assess, find a problem we can help with, treat, re-assess and he is squatting in no time!

A man in his early 20s has a shoulder pain from flying off his dirt bike into a rock. It happened over a year ago but he is still having trouble. His diagnosis was a broken collar bone but the bones have all healed and there is still pain. He is able to lift weights but every time he tries to increase the weight he ends up in pain. We assess, find a problem we can help with, treat, re-assess and next visit he reports he was able to lift 10kg heavier without pain!

A woman who loves yoga and has been doing yoga for many many years all of a sudden has been struck with low back pain. She thought doing more yoga would be the solution but it has been making things worse. We assess, find the problem, treat using a exercise based approach as that is what she loves. We offer advice on how to modify her yoga practice and check over some of the exercises she is really struggling with. She leaves pain free and has a plan of how to modify her much loved yoga practice.

A desk worker comes in with neck and shoulder pain. It has been there a while, a dull ache and tight, but recently it has become sharper in nature and they are now having trouble turning their head. We assess, we find the main cause is a head forward posture position which is exacerbated at their desk. We treat to alleviate their symptom, we give tips on how to avoid this head forward posture and give them a motor learning exercise to re-train their postural habit. They leave the session able to move the head freely and without pain, they understand why it has happened and what they need to work on to stop the problem from returning.

These are just some of the stories or scenarios here at Waverley Myotherapy Clinic.

We have helped:
Bike riders
Snow boarders
Highland dancers
Ballet dancers
Ballroom dancers
Weight lifters
Basketball players
Football players
Cricket players
Baseball players

We could go on! Chances are no matter what you love, we have dealt with it before, so why not book in or give us a call and find out!

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