Hello Life!

Hello Life! That’s what we want you to be saying and feeling after a session with us at Waverley Myotherapy clinic!

So how will we do it?

First we assess your musculoskeletal pain or condition. We use a range of testing techniques to determine the cause. In rare cases we have to refer you to a doctor for more testing such as x-rays, neural conductivity testing and so on.

Secondly we treat your musculoskeletal pain or condition. Based on what our assessment found we will treat using myofascial release techniques, dry needling (also known as myofascial acupuncture), mobilisation, stretching, hot and cold. For a list of all our techniques and information about them please click here. We will never use a technique that you are not comfortable with. That’s the best part about having a lot of techniques in our tool bag, there is always another way of treating!

Third we re-assess. We check the tests we did at the start to make sure they have improved. Sometimes we do this many times throughout a session to make sure we are on the right track. Check and re-check! This is called the scientific approach. As Clinical Myotherapists we are taught to follow evidence based procedures.

Last and most importantly we will send you home with a plan or advice. For some it may be re-training some postural problem such as hunched shoulders at the computer, for others it may be a case of do this exercise every morning. What kind of follow up advice you receive will depend on your lifestyle and therefore time restraints, your condition, the severity of your condition and the longevity of your condition.

And that’s how we will have you saying ‘ Hello Life!’ when you leave us at Waverley Myotherapy Clinic!

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