We can treat all sorts of neck pain and symptoms from loss of movement to extreme pain or what is often called a wry neck. Clinical Myotherapy is a degree qualification where we are taught to assess, treat and show you movements to help keep your neck moveable and pain free. Practitioners Dwan Rosairo and Sarah Hall are also trained in The McKenzie Technique ® an amazingly effective researched technique that is fast and effective at relieving even the stubbornest of neck pains!

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Here’s how we are going to help get rid of your neck pain.

Step 1. We assess the triggers of your neck pain. One of the most common triggers of neck pain is from looking at computer screens and looking down at pads and phones all day. We used to look up as well, but now it’s just down, down and more down! Short term we may need to reduce the trigger to get fast results, but don’t worry we won’t ask you to stop using your phone, just a few modifications.

Step 2. We treat to get rid of any current symptoms. Many of our patients have what’s called a ‘wry neck’ where they can hardly move! We defiantly want that relieved for you, but even if you are feeling a bit stiff, tight or ache we can help alleviate your symptoms in the first session.

Step 3. We help to fix the underlying cause to stop the triggers flaring up your neck pain time and time again.

Step 4. We teach you specific movements to combat the underlying cause of your neck pain so you can start to treat yourself and therefore you don’t have to rely on us so much!

Here’s some treatment techniques we use.

  • Dry Needling to release active trigger points referring into your pain zone
  • Active Cupping to release tight fascia that’s stopping the muscles from moving freely
  • Joint Mobilisation to release locked up joints creating “danger signals” in your nervous system
  • Manual trigger point release for those who prefer not to use dry needling
  • Deep Massage techniques to calm the nervous system by creating a release of endorphins and other feel good hormones to help relieve pain naturally
  • Practitioners Dwan Rosairo and Sarah Hall are trained in using The McKenzie Technique ® for neck pain. This is a researched technique that gives amazing results!

We can use one or several of these techniques. It’s all about coming up with a plan that’s going to work best for you however we will not use a treatment technique that you aren’t comfortable with.

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