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Autumn and Spring are the most common times of year for waking up with a stiff neck. These cuff months have 3 things in common that if you can overcome hopefully you will avoid waking up with a wry neck from now on!

Tip 1 – Keep Well Hydrated

It’s hard in the autumn and spring to keep hydrated. Do you feel like a cup of herbal tea or a glass of water? Often opting for neither because herbal tea doesn’t really go with dinner and it feels a little bit to cold for a cool drink. Maybe you even ended up opting for a glass of red wine or a cup of coffee with lunch which further dehydrates you? There is no doubt it’s harder to keep well hydrated with cooler weather so perhaps set some alarms on your phone to remind you, or each time you get up from your desk go make yourself a herbal tea or grab a glass of room temp water. Your body and your neck will thank you for it!

Tip 2 – Keep your neck warm, especially at night

Now that it’s cooling down we often have the heater on at night before bed time. This gives us the sense of security that we don’t need as many layers to keep us warm. In the night as the temperature drops and we are in a deep sleep, our neck doesn’t have enough protection and the muscles start tightening. Sometimes we wake and realise we are cold, we tug our heavy blankets up to try and cover our neck not realising we are using the very muscles that are in crisis. Sometimes this leads to pain straight away, other times it’s when we try to move in the morning we become aware of the pain. So to circle back – don’t let your heater fool you – if you’re prone to wry necks, have some PJ’s that cover the area and opt for blankets or doonas that have a good warmth to lightness ratio.

Tip 3 – Move often throughout your day

It’s well researched that standing up from your desk as often as every 20 minutes has the best benefit – even if you literally stand up…sit down… It takes a sec and you don’t even need to look away from your screen. Maybe a bigger break every hour would also be a good idea – go make yourself that cup of tea we talked about or have a walk over to the printer to grab that print out – make some excuse to get up and walk around! Now that you’re up, why not add a few neck movements? A few little head circles, looking up and down, looking from side to side, maybe even a few head retractions might help. Remember to move slowly and smoothly to get the best results, this way you’ll stay within your own comfort levels of range of movement as well.

Need some more help?

Myotherapy helps all sorts of neck pain and symptoms from loss of movement to extreme pain such as wry neck. We will assess, treat and show you some movements to help. We use proven techniques and exercises but make sure they are right for you. There is no one size fits all when it comes to the human body!

Practitioners Dwan Rosairo and Sarah Hall have further training in The McKenzie Technique® an amazingly effective technique that is fast and effective at relieving even the stubbornest of neck pains!

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Here’s how we are going to help get rid of your neck pain.

Step 1. We assess the triggers of your neck pain. One of the most common triggers of neck pain is from looking at computer screens and looking down at pads and phones all day. We used to look up as well, but now it’s just down, down and more down! Short term we may need to reduce the trigger to get fast results, but don’t worry we won’t ask you to stop using your phone, just a few modifications.

Step 2. We treat to get rid of any current symptoms. Many of our patients have what’s called a ‘wry neck’ where they can hardly move! We defiantly want that relieved for you, but even if you are feeling a bit stiff, tight or ache we can help alleviate your symptoms in the first session.

Step 3. We help to fix the underlying cause to stop the triggers flaring up your neck pain time and time again.

Step 4. We teach you specific movements to combat the underlying cause of your neck pain so you can start to treat yourself and therefore you don’t have to rely on us so much!

Here’s some treatment techniques we use.

  • Dry Needling to release active trigger points referring into your pain zone
  • Active Cupping to release tight fascia that’s stopping the muscles from moving freely
  • Joint Mobilisation to release locked up joints creating “danger signals” in your nervous system
  • Manual trigger point release for those who prefer not to use dry needling
  • Deep Massage techniques to calm the nervous system by creating a release of endorphins and other feel good hormones to help relieve pain naturally
  • Practitioners Dwan Rosairo and Sarah Hall are trained in using The McKenzie Technique ® for neck pain. This is a researched technique that gives amazing results!

We can use one or several of these techniques. It’s all about coming up with a plan that’s going to work best for you however we will not use a treatment technique that you aren’t comfortable with.

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