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Why come to us for Remedial Massage & Sports Massage?

Sometimes we just really need a massage. Our body is craving a good massage to alleviate pain and tension. Myotherapists have a fantastic understanding of the human body which means we can find and target the exact area that’s causing your pain or restriction but satisfy your craving for a massage at the same time. We offer fast, effective relief on pain and conditions relating to muscle, joint and nerve.

As Myotherapists if remedial massage is not enough to elevate your symptoms we have other tools we can discuss using with you such as cupping therapy, heat stimulation, dry needling and special exercises to unlock specific areas and joints.

If you want pain or restriction alleviated, an expert in massage techniques such as remedial massage, sports massage and deep tissue massage, quality treatment, same day booking availability, evening and weekend time availability, HICAPs onsite, professional, friendly environment then come try us!

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The Benefits of Remedial Massage

Massage helps to increase blood circulation to a tight or painful area. In doing this we bring more of the bodies anti-inflammatory helpers and natural pain killer hormones to the area. It flushes out anything in the area that wasn’t helping and can have a lymphatic drainage effect as well.

Massage has a positive effect on the nervous system. Research shows that tissue damage has little to do with the amount of pain we experience. As in chronic pain the pain persists long after the tissues are healed. It is more the nervous system and the brain that control our pain. There are a number of factors that influence how much pain an individual may experience. Massage is a great tool to help calm down the nervous system and switch of the pain signals coming from the brain. We can teach you other tricks to use at home to get a similar result.

There are many benefits of massage, especially when combined with the expertise of a Myotherapist to pin point the area that needs work to help rid your pain or restriction. Our extensive knowledge in assessment and pain management will help get the long term results you’re after.

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